The Day After the iPhone 7 Announcement

Now that I’ve had a day to process the iPhone 7 and related announcements, I think my overall reaction is, “Yeah, that’s cool.” Are any of these new bits enough to make me go out and drop big money? Not right now. I love that the new Apple Watch has GPS, but I’d still need to take my phone with me because I fear snakes (don’t ask). I love the new upgrades to the iPhone and that it’s waterproof water resistant, but I can wait until my 6 gives out on me.

As for the big controversy, I really don’t care about the headphone jack. I completely understand it’s about saving space and helping make the iPhone waterproof water resistant. No physical keyboard? No stylus? No Adobe Flash? Maybe the headphone jack won’t go the same route as the past WTFs, but I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

As for the AirPods…they may be great, but (1) it’s a stupid name, (2) I would totally lose them, and (3) they look like someone simply cut off the cable from regular earbuds. Mostly, though, I don’t see spending that much money on headphones. I’m cheap like that.

Now, if someone wants to GIVE me a new iPhone or Apple Watch, that’s a different story.

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